Jailbreak iOS 6.1

Jailbreak iOS 6.1

ios 6.1 jailbreak

Are you in love with your iPhone 4s? Or is it your iPhone 5 running the new iOS 6.1? Or your iPhone 3g? Or maybe it is your iPad that has captured your heart? Are they always at your side? Yes? But you want to go a little rogue, perhaps? Well, though the quest has been longer than it anyone thought it would be – in the beginning – it is now complete. IOS 6; IOS 6.0.1; IOS 6.0.2; IOS 6.1 and even the future iOS 6.1.1 have all been broken; and The Jailbreak Shop Dev team were seen dancing on the streets. Well, not really but we all know that they must have felt like it. If you are not really all that sure what these previous sentences mean, we should take some time to catch you up. If you are already the owner of a jailbroken iPhone 4s, please accept our heartfelt congratulations.

IOS 6, IOS 6.0.1 …?

You probably know what these abbreviations mean, but just in case, they are just the names of the Apple operating system that run their different products. Easy.


We can think of jailbreaking as setting your iPhone or iPad free from the constraints placed on it by its Apple operating system. Apple places these constraints on their products on purpose, of course. They want you to use the interfaces that they have designed, and to download apps from the iTunes Store that they have created and poured their energy and resources into. But there is what we can think of as an alternate universe out there. There is…wait for it…even a alternative iTunes Store called Cydia where there are apps from the not-Apple world waiting to be downloaded. Can you imagine? A not-Apple app?

What is so great about Cydia?

Well, a quick visit to Geek.com will open your eyes. If your eyes are into being opened in this way, that is. Think about this. We all know about the home button, that button on your iPhone4 or your iPad that brings you out of an app and back to your home screen. Well, there is a Cydia app that expands the number of things this home button can do for you – you can mute your device, control how bright your screen, or get automatic updates on notifications.

Or, how about the ubiquitous app, SBSettings. If you are into Apple, you are used to going into settings to change to airplane mode, or to dim your screen, or to turn Bluetooth, or WiFi, on or off. Right? Well, SBSettings lets you change these things by swiping and tapping:No entering the setting zone required.

ios 6.1 jailbreak

So how I jail break my iPhone with iOS 6 then?

Jailbreaking your iPhone with iOS 6.1 is easy to do, and should be safe too. We wrote about the The Jailbreak Shop Dev team in the first paragraph, and some readers may have been confused as to why we imagined them dancing on an imagined street. Well, it was some of the noted hackers that make up The Jailbreak Shop Dev team that broke into the operating systems that run our beloved Apple products, be it a version of the iPhone or an iPad.

And, because The Jailbreak Shop team learned to share way back in kindergarten, they have created a piece of software that we can easily download to jailbreak our iPhones and iPads. Hey, if you want to get started right now, without passing go and collecting 200 dollars, click on our sponsored ad and you will taken directly, yes directly, to the jailbreaking zone. You can even jailbreak the iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 within minutes. And at a very fair price.

We are not going to get into a step-by-step explanation of how you download the software here, as that would be, well, foolish. The creators of said software are the best people to show you how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. What we will do is share some important knowledge with you. Because we went to kindergarten too. Without further ado, there are two uber popular jailbreaking tools that have risen to the top of the jailbreaking software heap.

Redsnow is not only a cool name that conjures up strange visual images in our mind, it is a simple way to jailbreak your phone, but unfortunately it only provides the tethered version, not the gold standard untethered jailbreak (which means you don’t have to keep on reinstalling and rebooting every time). You really just have to install a tool, and then do exactly what you are told to do, the steps are laid out in a user-friendly way.

Absinthe is the other mega popular tool that can set you up with a jailbreak. Again, you just download a tool and you are on your way, but also again this jailbreak is not untethered, unlike the one from The Jailbreak Shop.

jailbreak iphone 5 ios 6.1

And our sharing does not end here. Because you should know that there are two kinds of jailbreaks out there. There is the untethered version and the tethered version. A tethered version means that you have to reboot your jailbreak after every time that you turn your iPhone or iPad completely off. Yeah. You want an untethered jailbreak, as that whole rebooting business could get old really fast. The only untethered version is offered at The Jailbreak Shop (our sponsor with the clickable banner at the top of the page).

Gosh we just can’t stop; the sharing cup spilleth over. Unlocking your iPhone or your iPad is not the same as jailbreaking it. We all know that Apple tells us which carriers we can hook up with; you can think of an unlocked phone as one that lets you choose your own carrier. Lots of folks unlock their iPhones.

So, if you want to explore the not-Apple world of Cydia –maybe change up how your iPhone interface looks and works – you can do so by clicking here. You should know, and this will not be shocking, that Apple is not a big fan of users unlocking our phone. And they let us know this by removing the warranty for jailbroken phones. It is true that there are websites that show you how to undo the jailbreak so that the guy at the Apple Genius Bar does not detect the jailbreak. You are still taking a risk by taking the plunge and jailbreaking. But, hey, you’d be in good company if you did jump in, over one million iPhone users have.