Jailbreak iPhone 5

How To Jailbreak The iPhone 5

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Jailbreak The iPhone 5
If you are tired of all of the joke apps and useless software you find in the app store, all you need to do is jailbreak iPhone 5 and you will be on your way to commanding all of the powerful hardware available on your mobile device. On of the most exciting apps that you can get after you’ve jailbroken your phone is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator that can have you playing your old favorites on your iPhone 5 (or 4s) in no time. If your memory is foggy about how much fun the classic SNES games used to be, here are 5 that should refresh your memory and bring out the old school console gamer in you:

The iPhone 5 Jailbreak

1. Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Before bath salts and doomsday preppers, there was the B-movie influenced SNES game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. If you haven’t looked back since the late 90’s, this will rock your world. Not quite The Walking Dead, but a fun romp with retro undead satisfaction.
2. Secret of Mana – Everyone knows the Zelda and Final Fantasy franchises (and you can play those after you decide to jail break iPhone 5 too), but playing this game will have everyone looking over your shoulder and wondering where you found it.
3. Super Mario Kart – The Nintendo dev team that threw this together found the perfect mix of crash ‘em up family fun and good old fashioned adrenaline filled racing action. You don’t have to miss it anymore.
4. Mega Man 7 – This side scrolling, action packed improvement upon the Mega Man series from the old NES will have you looking for a cheat code in no time. Lots of fun and lots of tough jumps and shots make this not only a great throwback game, but also a worthy challenge of dexterity and coordination.
5. Super Castlevania IV – If that title doesn’t strike a nostalgic chord with you, then you must have been in a coma through the 90’s. Monster killing and vampire hunting adventures are just at your fingertips once you figure out how to get Simon on your iPhone 5.

Jailbreak iPhone 5

Now I know I need to Jailbreak iPhone 5 – What’s Next?

If there was one magical answer that could get you back into old school games, you would already know it by now. Here’s a guide on how to find the tools you need for a little DIY and a lot of LMFAO once you get the hang of freeing your inner gamer and your iPhone.
• Grab some jailbreaking software from the net. It is all over the place. You will want to be on the lookout for Cydia (the worm in the Apple that will help you find and install apps for your jailbroken iPhone 5), and the jailbreakers themselves like: Redsnow, Greenpois0n, or Absinthe.
• Decide if you want to stay tethered (where you are plugged in to your computer) or untethered (take your jail break on the road).
• Run a search or use Cydia to help you find a SNES emulator (emu) for your iPhone 5. Snes9x EX and SNES A.D.X. have been used on multiple devices. You will have to check and see which version of iOS 6 you are running. Most of the iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.2 versions of emulators are on their way out or will be out soon. Install the one that works best for you.
• Check your favorite torrent hunter or just run a regular search engine query for SNES roms. Roms are the game files that have either been ported off of a cartridge or designed by a dev team as an original public use game.
That’s all you have to do to enjoy the SNES games on your iPhone 5. It might take a few minutes of reading, and some trial and error, but then you will have unlimited access to your phone and you will be able to download and install your favorite games for free (there are some not for free options out there too – buyer beware: there is almost always a free emulator and free set of roms you can choose from on the net, so if you do shell out some money for your emu, make sure you are getting it at a dirt cheap price).

What else can I do after I Jailbreak iPhone 5?

Jailbreak the iPhone 5
Let’s say, for some crazy reason, that having a wicked game console and any game you want to play on it is not enough for you. Maybe the adult in you wants to know what kinds of practical advantages there are to having a jailbroken iPhone 5. Well, fear not grown-up version of you, there are other amazing options for you to take advantage of too.

You and Your Unlocked iPhone 5

Once you unlock your iPhone 5, you will have the world of excellent apps at your fingertips. One of the most beneficial aspects of jailbreaking your iPhone 5 will be its new networking capabilities. Whether you are running 4g or still stuck on 3g, you can use your phone as a mobile hot spot. You can stream data (of course, watch your limits) to your other WiFi devices when you are the go without paying the price demanded by your carrier for the service. Hey, your phone was designed to network for you, not for them. It isn’t illegal, you should be taking advantage of the full spectrum of options that are available on your device. Some of the other apps and features that you can access once your phone is unlocked are:
• Freely changing your unlock screen to something much cooler than the one provided on your stock phone
• Rearranging you home screen and app layout with organizational tools and widgets that surpass even Android user’s interface capabilities
• Installing apps and games that really do what they say they do instead of just having joke versions that all of your non-slave-to-the-carrier friends have
• And, last but not least, you can find apps that help you manage your file system in ways that will save your battery life and allow you to store all of your files (including all those new SNES roms you just downloaded) in ways that make sense to you

iPhone 5 Jailbreak
You will find that having all of these options available to you, plus having a retro game console at your fingertips, will make it worth the small amount of work you have to do to jailbreak iPhone 5.

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